Taidekoulu MAA

In the Art School MAA one can study on the day programme of three years, graduating as a professional free-lance artist, or on the evening courses, which are open for everyone. Both of the programmes have students of various age groups. The school provides with a good basis for self-expression to young students as well as to already practicing artists. Art school MAA guides its students to find their own language and ways of doing art in the contemporary society.

Art School MAA was founded in 1986. The school operates in Suomenlinna Island, in the premises of old army barracks. The activities of the school have also extended to the mainland with an experimental gallery MAA-Tila. The school has active contacts with the actual international as well as the local contemporary art fields and its teachers are practicing art professionals.

Art School MAA is a private art school with approximately 90 students annually, and is run by its support association. It receives support for its operation from the City of Helsinki and the Ministry of Education. Anyone over 18 years of age can apply for the day programme, which offers the qualification for artist’s profession. The selection is made in the entrance examination which is held annually in May. The evening course is for anyone over 16 years of age, interested in fine arts, aiming at further studies in an art school and beginners.