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Egle Oddo

who are you? Egle Oddo, visual artist. I am very curious and I consider teaching as part of an art practice where I keep discovering things with the students. what do you teach in Maa? Since 2008 I teach at HITS, How to Inhabit a Transitory Space, a course on contemporary art explored through art practice. I have involved my students in public shows, festivals, and meetings with gallerists as part of their learning process. Some students keep coming to my course multiple years, attending for 3 of 4 years in a row; it is not required any specific knowledge to start, and mixes of different ages are very productive. I never propose the same program twice. Every year is different. I like to keep it lively and exciting. what is the role of an artist in today’s world? The artist as every thinker has the possibility to change the world peacefully. The arts influence the collectivity strongly, and to be able to embody that role is an interesting and challenging process. What is best/most interesting/loveliest little thing about teaching in Maa? Maa director trusts the teachers. Therefore the teachers have freedom to experiment with the students, and to follow unexpected paths.