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Eija Keskinen

who are you? I’m Eija Keskinen, visual artist and MA in fine arts. I’ve graduated from Academy of Fine Arts and studied also in University of Arts in Helsinki and in Free Art School. I mostly work by drawing – I love color pencils. I get inspired by the woods and everything wild. what do you teach in Maa? Every second week I teach drawing from live models. I’m also the teacher of Evening courses for drawing. Occasionally I work also as a tutor for the final works and for the fourth year students. When teaching I try to take into consideration the unique ways of different students and inspire them to find their own way of drawing. what is the role of an artist in today’s world? An artist investigates and feels both inner and outer reality and puts them into a (visual) form that can touch also other people. What is best/most interesting/loveliest little thing about teaching in Maa? The students, no doubt about that. The ideal teaching situation is a collective rendezvous where also the teacher is the learning.