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Karolina Kucia

who are you? Karolina Kucia, visual and performance artist. My main interests are lapse and stutter as organisational tools and formation of self in precarious labor. Most recent work: glut/glut/glut: parasitic space for NO Play Feminist Training Camp, nGbK Berlin. what do you teach in Maa? I teach performance art and performance research method in the development of other than performance art forms. I also sometimes organise series of Thursday’s lectures and workshops. what is the role of an artist in today’s world? The artist can as well continue the role coming from Avant- grade heritage: to know and to irritate, to provoke, to parasite and to try to situate outside of the system or place oneself inside it, trying to subvert etc. It is still quite all right thing to do, I guess. But is there anymore a place of refuge one can take? An artist can also do whatever he or she does and become a symptom of something that he or she does not own, by not trying to reflect and react to how fucked up all situation in this country and the rest of the world is and still produce relevant and political art. Then, can an artist be something more that symptom? There is really no answer to the question what artist role is. There are many obstacles: competition and  demand for precarised entrepreneur to reinvent yourself to be constantly up to new challenges and good enough for hungry market, shitty artist labor conditions and national or field sectarianism and growing social demand from artists to give solutions for outcomes of the collapse of well fare society. One can try to first be able to be a colleague and part of community only in civic way and not properties that demand for the need of singular artistic career, then to educate oneself and in collective into autonomy of thought and methodology, and to rework the representation so, that it is able to touch one's own and then social and singular soul. what is best/most interesting/loveliest little thing about teaching in Maa? Small enough size to feel that you can actually feel that everyone matters in the way how it functions.