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Minna Henriksson

who are you? I am a visual artist, working with a wide range of media from drawing to photography and installation. Much of my work is text based and involves a research. what do you teach in Maa? Currently I coordinate the 3rd year studies, where students are working on their final projects and the collective final exhibition. But also the third year includes familiarizing with a lot of other things to do with 'life after school' for an artist. So we also learn about the structures and logic of the art world. what is the role of an artist in today’s world? To bring visible that which is there but is hidden. It is not so interesting to bring visible that which everyone knows already. Artists have a lot of freedom. But there are also many responsibilities that artist has to carry toward the artwork and audiences. I mean, an artist participates in interpreting the world through his/her artworks and when need be also has to defend his/her position. What is best/most interesting/loveliest little thing about teaching in Maa? Art School Maa is a world in its own, cut off from the life in the continent. Even there is very bad mobile coverage. The concentration that the location allows, as well as the small size of the school and friendly staff (Isse & Petra) are definitely part of it. And of course, it somehow manages to gather very committed and multitalented people as students!