The Femtastical Creature’s Clubs at Mad House Helsinki

Group of Art School Maa’s students are organizing two club evenings at Mad House Helsinki, the venue for live art, during the spring 2017. The first Femtastical Creature’s Club takes place on March 3rd and the second on April 7th. Mad House is located in the Suvilahti area, next to Sörnäinen and Kalasatama.

The Femtastical Creature’s Clubs are spaces for all beings joined as one. The art, music scenes and clubs, in general, are heteronormative and binary. They exclude certain body types and prefer neurotypical mindsets and identities. We are looking to change that. Safer spaces are needed more than ever – here and everywhere. We are an organism with one head and many brains. We want to be part of something, something more… creative people who enable each other to be exactly who we are. We are creators of tomorrow’s world – the place without fighting against each other and endless competition. We want to give space for everyone – ask questions and listen. Is it time for a revolution? Yes. Is there time? No. So you don´t need time? For shining future! Shining future! What? Yes. Femtastical Creature is a curatorial and producing group of students from Art School Maa.