Art School Maa Graduate exhibition Currents at Gallery Augusta May 12-28


Art School Maa Graduate exhibition brings together ten final year artists. The artworks exhibited do not have a common theme. At some level, however, they each reflect experiences of shrinking of social space caused by narrow-sighted economic thinking, rigid gender norms and practices of cultural othering. The works stem from sentiments, that are provoked by these experiences, such as frustration, isolation, powerlessness, also empowerment and the need for personal utopias.

Art School Maa is an independent art school in Suomenlinna. The three-year programme has an emphasis on contemporary art practices and prepares for profession of visual artist.

The exhibition is open daily from 12pm to 5pm from 12 May until 28 May.

Gallery Augusta
Suomenlinna B 28/2


Ramina Habibollah
Noora Savonen
Annabel Kajetski
Rosa Nykänen
Hanna Rinta-Mänty
Samuli Makkonen
Suvi Baloch
Pauliina Holopainen
Jaana Eskola
Ionas Laine

In co-operation:
Taidekoulu MAA

Opening day sponsored by:
Tuatara Brewing
Galipette Cidre