The Stories We Tell MAA-tilassa 20.9.-14.10.2018

 The Stories We Tell

Works by Hannah Ouramo, Karolina Kucia, Panos Balomenos


MAA-tila, Pääskylänrinne 10, Helsinki

Opening hours: Wed-Fri 12-18, Sat-Sun 12-17


Opening on Wednesday 19.9 at 18-20


Hannah Ouramo

A Mountain Behind My Back, An Elephant in the Room


I remember the work of my mothers as a mountain behind my back. Public remembrance of natural formations such as mountains and their histories are pervaded by the logic of colonialism and the resulting idea of ownership. And still a physical mountain is inseparable from the metaphorical and metonymic mountain. All of my experiences with mountains create all of my knowledge about mountains – how they look, how they feel, what I am in relation to them, how I recognise them.


Traces of remembering invisible labour/an installation that reorganises some of the techniques embedded in the gallery space that structure looking: wall, window, floor, ceiling.


Karolina Kucia

“- Fight or Flight? – Tomato.”  Draft


Semi-documentary, semi-fictional story of a tomato bought from S-Market.

Installation in the gallery built on narratives from the place where the tomato comes from.


Contains an interview with Spitou Mendy, spokesman for the workers union of greenhouse workers from Almeria/Nijar, dialogues from Exodus, shot by Ridley Scott few kilometres nearby, images of the architectonic forms of the settings made for that film, greenhouses made for growing tomatoes and the scale models of remnants of the old factory spaces in Finland turned into the art spaces.


Panos Balomenos

Tuđe nećemo – svoje ne damo [Ivana Momčilović holds a photograph of Kamenska Monument (Monument to the Revolutionary Victory of Slavonia, 1968 – in present entirely destroyed) in front of Tjentište War Memorial Monument (completed in 1971) in Bosnia and Herzegovina, while Päivi Balomenos holds a brooch reference to the antifascist monument Tuđe nećemo, svoje ne damo on the island of Vis, Croatia (completed in 1964 – in present entirely destroyed)], 2018.

Watercolours and pencil on paper. 105 x 75 cm.



MAA-tila Project Space