Art School Maa and artist Georgy Mamedov were granted a Lauttasaari manor residency for spring 2022 by Kone Foundation.


Art School Maa organised a seminar titled BREAKING GROUNDS AND SHATTERING CEILINGS: Formative artistic initiatives in education and working life 22–24 October 2021.


Azar Saiyar, visual artist and film maker (Helsinki)

Alexander Nikolic, BOEM/Migrating Kitchen (Vienna)

Alen Ksoll,   School in Common (Stockholm)

Ahmet Öğüt, the Silent University (Hamburg, Stockholm and Ruhr)

Erol Mintaş, AMPI Academy of Moving People and Images (Helsinki)

The seminar was moderated by artist and educator Meri Linna.

Art School MAA was involved in EU-funded “Ground – Interdiscilinary Medias, Performances and Communities” cooperative project. The other project partners were MoKS (Estonia) and the Art Academy in Poznan (Poland). Within the project, the students had the opportunity to participate in foreign residences and intercultural co-productions on the spot.

Art School MAA took part in the EU supported, X-OP-Exchange of Art Operators and Producers Network which was a collaboration with nine European Art Centres. The project enabled the students to participate in international workshops and lectures.

Art School MAA receives support for its operation from the City of Helsinki and the Ministry of Education.