Day Programme

Day Programme

Studying in the Day Programme is full time. It consists of courses, lectures, workshops and projects. The studies also include periods of individual work, when students can develop their own individual expression under the guidance of a mentor. The fourth study year is optional. In the fourth year, the student can choose a mentor to supervise their individual project in addition to taking part in the regular workshops and lectures. 

Lectures that run through the entire year focus on art history from different angles as well as considering contemporary topics, practices and phenomena. The workshops, running likewise throughout the year, are electives of which it is recommended to choose 1-3 per semester. There are five workshops to choose from: Moving Image, Painting, Drawing, Sound Art and Performance.

Students in the Day Programme are eligible for financial aid for students through the Finnish Social Insurance Institution (Kela) ( Students are also granted travel discounts as well as discounts in several art supply stores and museums. Once the student has successfully finished their studies, they are granted a graduation diploma. Having received the diploma, students can apply for membership in Finnish artists’ associations. One can continue studies onto the fourth, optional study year, during which the student is also entitled to Kela’s financial aid.

Study Fees

The annual fee for the Day Programme is 1155 euros. In addition to this, in the beginning of the first semester there is a registration fee of 85 euros and a fee to register for a digital student card. Students provide themselves the materials needed for the courses.

The fee per semester for the fourth year is 630 euros, during which the student receives guidance from the teachers as well as an individual mentor of their preference.

Summary of the study goals and educational foundations of the three-year Day Programme in Art School Maa

  1. The student familiarises themselves with different working methods in the contemporary arts and experiments with them. Methods mean, for example, artistic thinking and observation, drawing, painting, photography, video, performance, site-specific and project-based art.
  2. The student has the ability to create artworks of various kinds and an ability to present their work and artworks/projects to others.
  3. The student has basic knowledge and understanding of the context of contemporary art as well as of the cultural field in a broader sense.
  4. The student has the ability to communicate and articulate their ideas verbally and in writing (seminar days, study circles and text-based presentations).
  5. The student has practical information on operating in the professional art field (artist’s taxation, artist grants, artist unions, exhibiting in galleries, compiling a portfolio, making a website, producing project-based art).

In the studies, focus is also given to the fact that an artist should be aware of why and to whom they are making art and to understand how contemporary culture operates when art is being produced and curated.

Throughout the years, teaching at Art School Maa has been done mainly in Finnish. Today, some of the courses in Art School Maa are taught entirely in English or at least bilingually if the working language of the group is English. We encourage applicants from English language backgrounds to apply, keeping in mind that the school still operates mostly in Finnish. In the future, language skills will be emphasised to a greater extent in the curriculum of Art School Maa. The transition from a working environment operating mainly in Finnish into an entirely bilingual one is a process. However, we strive to become a good working environment for everyone wishing to study art, regardless of their language background. 


Teachers of the Day Programme include Minna Henriksson, Warda Ahmed, Ahmed Al-Nawas, Panos Balomenos, Freja Bäckman, Emma Fält, Max Hannus, Eija Keskinen, Mikko Kuorinki, Anni Laakso, Lintu Lindfors, Jesse Matilainen, Pekka Niskanen, Egle Oddo, H Ouramo, Joakim Pusenius, Minna Pöllänen, Johanna Rojola, Martta Tuomaala, Kari Yli-Annala and Filippo Zambon.


The entrance procedure is the following every spring: first you fill in your information on the application form. When we receive your application we will send you the preliminary tasks to be done and sent to us. On the basis of the preliminary tasks, we invite prospective students for an interview. On the basis of preliminary tasks and the interview we will make the final decisions of the students entering the first year course.

The next application period is in spring 2023 for the course starting in autumn 2023.

You can apply for the Art School Maa Day Programme (108 credits) by registering in advance on our website. The application schedule for 2023 is as follows:

    • registration opens on 18 January 2023

    • registration ends on 9 April 2023

    • Preliminary entrance assignments must be handed in no later than 14 April 2022

    • Invitations to the interview will be sent no later than 25 April 2022

    • Applicants will be interviewed from 8 to 11 May 2023

    • selections will be announced week 20

Registration and additional information:, tel. 041 319 5992, koulu (at)