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Art School Maa is located on Suomenlinna in Helsinki, on the island of Susisaari. To get to the school, take a ferry to Suomenlinna from the Market Square. The ferry ride takes approximately 15 minutes. Then head to Susisaari following the Taidekoulu Maa signs.  Check the map, we are marked as number 28. (Download PDF >>)


The school is located on Susisaari, approximately 1km from the ferry terminal. The school’s front door’s width is 106 cm. There are two 20 cm high steps in front of the front door. Inside the building there are multiple steps. The toilets are downstairs, but they are narrow. The second floor is accessible only by stairs. There are 15 steps and the steps are 19 cm high. The closest accessible toilets are by the Tykistölahti kiosk or by the Summer Theatre.

For more information on a more accessible route to Art School Maa, please click here.

Mail address:
Art School Maa
Suomenlinna B 20 F
FIN – 00190 Helsinki

The office is open from Monday to Wednesday at 10-15.
tel. 041 319 5992, koulu (at)



H Ouramo (Mon-Thu)

tel. 050 533 7895, h.ouramo (at)

Student and Administrative Coordinator:

Tanja Becher (on Mon-Wed)

tel. 041 319 5992, koulu (at)