Maan oppilaiden Vita Edvards, Edna Huotari, Lo Leskelä & Ella Rahkonen ”WET DISCO” MAA-tilassa

12.1. – 23.1.2022
MAA-tila, Pääskylänrinne 10, 00500 Helsinki
Opening hours: Wed–Fri 2–6pm, Sat–Sun 1–5pm

MAA-tila is pleased to announce a collaborative exhibition by current Taidekoulu MAA students: Edna Huotari, Ella Rahkonen, Lo Leskelä ja Vita Edvards

The artists will use the space over the coming weeks to create a wet, tempting and questioning disco space.

Wet Disco is a space and theme that explores liberation and pleasure and their relation to risk, daring and finding one’s boundaries. It invites the visitor to think about what they would dare to be, show and do in their own private wetness. The different approaches taken by the artists to water and liberation come together in the exhibition to celebrate disco and vitality.

Edna Huotari will be exhibiting her work “Fortress”, an installation which attempts to map out the place between desire and fear.

The installation “To feel in a container fantasy” by Ella Rahkonen underwater sculptures merge with text. Water is sending the message of wanting to be.

Lo Leskeläs The Nixie simulation by Lo Leskelä attracts the viewer from the surface towards the depths.

Vita Edvards presents the production of her alter ego MaCarona in the video installation “MaCarona World”.

About the artists:

Ella Rahkonen works with text, moving image and objects. Ella is interested in the interaction of bodies and objects, feelings and liquid materials.

Lo Leskelä works with moving image, performance, text, and sound. At the moment they’re interested in realities and becoming visible.

Edna Huotari (s.1993) is interested in working with the themes of human connection, authenticity and absurdity. Edna has worked mainly with moving image and text, but is also interested in installations as a medium.

Vita Edvards (s.1994) is a Helsinki-based artist and costume designer who explores the world and human relations through the lenses of fiction and documentary with mediums of moving image and music.