Maa’s student kaffeochbulla solo debut exhibition 14.2-20.2 at Loukko

Kaffeochbulla solo debut exhibition 14.2-20.2
@ Alakulttuurikeskus loukko
Castreninkatu 8 Hellsinki


*Pealing inner wild*

*Reclaiming lost childhood through militant magic*

I have resting bitch face but technique mocked as childish. You maybe thought its something not to be taken seriously but i’m already somewhere on another timeline. These 90’s creatures and demons lurk and jump between naiveness, dreams and grief. They are born through these hands. Gnarly, silly and armed to teeth.

Inner Magic was never lost – just hidden under – so im pealing layers of your dust. Only one life so i would like to shine.

Embracing joy of imperfection. Stepping into the void or my own power. Power of story telling is that i get to choose – for the longest time i couldn’t.

Now when i don’t have to make myself small i wage insurrection on adulthood – all forms of domestication.
Burn the boundaries between ”reality” and ”fantasy”. Definition of magic is manifesting something ”impossible”.

These dreams are alive for now. Turn this mess into a playground of re-wilding.