Art School Maa has two permanent staff members working four days per week. All others, such as teachers, lecturers and artists, work with us on a freelance basis. Our equality officer works when needed.

(Photos of H and Tanja by Maa student Pihla Törrönen)


H Ouramo


As rector, my role is to act as the school's pedagogical, artistic and financial director. I function as the foreperson of Maa's staff. One of my tasks is the planning of the studies.

🕰 work days Mon-Thu
✉️ h.ouramo(at)
Study and Administrative Coordinator
Tanja Becher


As study and administrative coordinator, I take care of running the structures of the school and the supporters' association. This includes, for example, study registers, salaries, and budgets, as well as production and communication.

🕰 work days Mon-Thu, at school Mon-Wed
☎️ +358 (0)41 319 5992
✉️ info(at)
Equity Officer
Jade Kallio


In situations concerning equity, you can turn to Jade. Only the equity officer can read your email or anonymous feedback. Conversations are confidential.

You can also give feedback anonymously via this form. 

🕰 works when needed
✉️ equity(at)