✍︎ 27.2.–30.4.24: Linopainanta, opettajana: Dahlia El Broul

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Topic: Lino printing
Teacher: Dahlia El Broul (MA, she/they)

Schedule: 9x Tuesdays 17.30–20.00
Dates 27.2., 5.3., 12.3., 19.3., 2.4., 9.4., 16.4., 23.4., 30.4. (no teaching in week 13 on 26.3.)
Course languages: English

Price: 170 €
Materials: Basic materials are included such as cutting tools, a couple of rollers for printing, 1-2 printing colors, one linoleum sheet per participant and basic paper for printing. Additional materials (such as more lino sheets) or specific colors for printing need to be purchased independently.

Location: Art School Maa, Suomenlinna B 20 F, 00190 Helsinki (read more about accessibility here)

Welcome to the Introduction to Lino Block Printing evening course, led by artist and educator Dahlia El Broul, who also runs the drawing workshop. This course caters to beginners and anyone seeking to refine their skills. Throughout the course, participants will explore the history and principles of Lino block printing, becoming acquainted with essential tools such as cutting tools and rollers. Emphasis will be placed on design and composition fundamentals, guiding participants in translating their ideas into visually compelling images suitable for Lino block carving. The course covers various linoleum carving techniques to achieve different textures and effects, inking and printing skills, and more advanced methods like layering.
Additionally, participants will learn about print editions and methods to maintain consistency across multiple prints. The course fee includes basic materials like cutting tools, rollers, black printing ink, one linoleum block, and basic printing paper. While these materials are provided, participants are encouraged to explore additional linoleum sheets/sizes, specific printing colours, or speciality papers for further personalization and experimentation.

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Art School Maa follows equity guidelines against any form of discrimination. Please read our equity guidelines here before registering.
Please note that registration is binding.
The minimum number of participants in the course is 6 and the maximum number is 12.
If you have questions, you can contact Maa's coordinator Tanja Becher: info@taidekoulumaa.fi

📸: Dahlia El Broul / 2023 / Image from the "Making Worlds" workshop at the Museum of Impossible Forms.