14.–28.5.23 Graduation exhibition 2023: Ihonalainen / Subcutaneous

Ihonalainen / Subcutaneous


Art School Maa’s graduation exhibition, Susisaari B 20, Suomenlinna

Open daily 2-8 pm, free entry

Welcome to the opening on the 13 May 2023 at 5-9 pm


Subcutaneous is an exhibition and a farewell to a body we have inhabited.

Subcutaneous is a group show of 8 graduating students with diverse practices ranging from painting to sculpture and audiovisual installation. The presented works linger around questions of identities, bodies and the mind, offering you something that goes under the skin.

The exhibition dives deep into our dermis, penetrating the porous spaces of Art School Maa and giving us the chance to leave the last bits of us into it. We end our 3-year journey by shedding our skin at the school that has nurtured us as a space and community.

Thematically diverse but with a clear stand on the intersection of the public and the private, the intention has been to deconstruct hierarchies and have some fun while being emotionally vulnerable and quite sensitive actually. 

Art School Maa is an independent island with a horizon into experimental alternatives in art education. 

Artists / subcuti(e)s: Arina Baranova, Hilla Härkönen, Lo Leskelä, Miska Jounila, Róza Turunen, Ryu Ilo Koivukoski, Ulla Prami, Valtteri Saarenketo

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Accessibility: Suomenlinna's paths are cobblestones, there is a 15 cm high step and a threshold at the outer door of the exhibition space. The exhibition is on two floors, there is no elevator in the space.

More accessible Suomenlinna: https://s3-eu-west-1.amazonaws.com/frantic/suomenlinna/2018/05/FIN_Saavutettavakartta_WWW.pdf